Zytech Solar Australia is part of a Spain-based manufacturing organisation offering photovoltaic modules and related systems and appliances, and functioning as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zytech Solar.

Currently the Zytech Group is placing a lot of attention on Australia and New Zealand and the marketing arm is actively seeking local distributors in both these countries, looking to establish partnerships with Zytech Group. Previous research and surveys made this entry into the antipodal markets assume significance in the overall scheme for worldwide coverage by Zytech. Attractive localised policies are encouraging major solar goods suppliers to play their part in Zytech’s strategies.

In Australia, strongly supportive government policies and programmes focus activities on the solar power industry, taking full advantage of the climatic factors and high solar radiation useful as a potential energy source – particularly in Australia – that has one of the highest average solar radiation figures of any continent. Top-of-the-line solar research and development projects take place in Australia along with some of the most exciting new products that exploit the possibilities of solar energy. This is a great reason for Zytech to build its presence there.

Over 90 per cent of Australia’s landmass receives sunshine in excess of 1,950 kilowatt hours (KWh) per square metre per annum. Thanks to a combination of a competitive energy sector, a highly skilled workforce and government initiatives, Australia’s solar industry is already well advanced and has been growing at 30 per cent per year.

Zytech Australia development office covers research, development, sales and business progress in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In Australia currently, renewable energy plays a big part in the emission reduction efforts. Zytech Australia aims to establish systems in the places wherever customers see there is a need. The strong commitment of Zytech to R&D enables the company to offer a wide range of reliable Photovoltaic Modules, Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV) systems, Off-Grid Systems, besides Solar Street Lights and many others. Zytech Group sees a grand scale of cooperation brightening the future in a mutually beneficial partnerships.