The Spanish company studies broadening its production structure with a new super automated plant in Mexico to cover the huge demand in that country.

Zytech LED, the company belonging to the Zytech Group for the manufacture of LED lighting products, has signed a contract with Mexican universities to install more than 240,000 LED tubes in classrooms and throughout the buildings.

The installation will be done with 20W T8 tubes and 1850 Lumens, a product made especially for the Japanese market with excellent performance in beam spread. This model provides direct and diffuse light simultaneously, giving a beam angle similar to conventional CFL. fluorescent tubes. LED technology will enable conventional 36W tubes to be replaced by 20W tubes, saving more than 50% in electric energy consumption. LED tubes do not require starters or ballasts, which generate additional consumption. The amortization of the new lamps will be produced in less than two years and from then on will generate substantial savings every year for the rest of their useful life.

In addition to the savings, fluorescent tubes need no maintenance, do not burn out, and have an estimated useful life, according to laboratory tests, of more than 50,000 hours. LED produces a light source with no loss of light, no flickering and with a high colour index which does not harm vision. It does not contain mercury or lead like traditional tubes. It does not produce ultraviolet radiation or any other substance harmful to human health.

With this and earlier contracts signed by the company, Zytech LED positions as one of the most active companies in Mexico due to its LED installations and quality certifications after attaining the ANCE-NOM 30 and 31 for new generation LEDs, with a range of 500 tube possibilities between Lumens and watts. Today, the company headquartered in Zaragoza (Spain) has two representative offices in Mexico, one in Mexico City and the other in Los Cabos, and distributors in Baja California, Monterrey, Jalisco…

Zytech Led is also organizing conferences to broaden its trade network and collaborate with new distributors in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, where the company has an affiliate in Chile.

New Production Plant in Mexico

Given the sales forecast in Mexico, Zytech Led is exploring the possibility of an investment in the border area to install the first super automated LED lighting plant in the country, to manufacture high quality tubes and bulbs for the domestic market and neighbouring countries like the US. This would mean that the Zytech Group, which already has production plants in Spain and China, once again meets its commitment to invest and generate employment in those countries it penetrates and which generate good business prospects.

Negotiations are already well advanced and have arrived at principles of agreement with banks and investors to manufacture LEDs with Energy Star – the most demanding in the world of duration tests – UL, ANCE-NOM, RoHs and CE quality seals.

These milestones secure the company in the American and Latin American market, for its expansion throughout Latin America and consolidation as a benchmark company with high quality products at truly competitive prices.

Zytech Led is one of the few European companies with Energy Star certification in its LED lighting products. Obtaining this certificate is indispensable for US electrical distribution companies to accept the product for rebate programs and incentives which enable rapid amortization of the investment.

To be awarded Energy Star certification, the products have to undergo long and arduous tests to verify their efficiency, quality, durability and safety, as well as 6000 hours of testing, to prove that they meet the highest specifications. These include achieving maximum technical quality and durability, significant energy savings, performance, specific temperature conditions, and high efficiency without losses over the long term. Energy Star certified lighting products also come with a minimum 5-year guarantee, a durability of 35,000 – 50,000 hours, and meet very strict criteria for luminosity and colour gamut.

The Energy Star certificate, awarded by the EPA, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency to help save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and processes. The Energy Star label was created to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions from inefficient energy use, and to make it easier for consumers to identify and purchase energy efficient and quality products.

The replacement of conventional lighting with LED systems is very cost-effective for companies, both in terms of the considerable energy savings and the incentives offered by different countries. Simply through energy saving, the replacement of conventional lighting with LED technology gives rise to an ROI of 65% in countries such as Mexico and the US, with the investment redeemable over a very short period and the saving on electricity bills funding the products themselves.

All the lamps represent significant savings over other technologies, reaching 80% energy savings in some cases. The applications for this new technology are boundless and are suitable for industry, commercial spaces, hotels, gymnasiums as well as private homes since adapting to LED technology requires no changes to devices, primers or light fittings. All the new products have been adapted to the most common coupling and connection methods and do not require transformers.